Boots Micellar Cleansing Water

I’m a bit suspicious of products claiming to ‘do it all’, especially with ones that say ‘no rinsing required’ at the back but I admit that I have been quite lazy with removing my makeup lately. I don't like to spend to much money on makeup removers because I find it unnecessary. To be honest since I live in the states their is no such things about micellar cleansing water but since I am a blogging I have been reading tons and tons of blog post about micellar waters so when Hannah and I did our swap the first thing I asked her for was micellar water. I love a micellar water because it's great for removing make-up when you're in a rush, or if you want to take it off before a deeper cleanse. I usually will use the micellar cleansing water right before I use my Garnier Cleansing Oil. I love how the micellar cleansing water leaves my skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. I use about 3 cotton pads to make sure all of my makeup is completely gone. 

With Much Love,